IPWS is excited to announce Mentor Walks Shanghai will return in March 2017! Working in partnership with M on the Bund and the Shanghai chapters of AmCham, AustCham and BritCham, we’ll all return in 2017 for another year of monthly Mentor Walks for our communities in Shanghai. Mentor Walks brings together established women leaders […]

Mentor Walks Returns!

Are you running out of ideas on the most efficient ways to network with somebody, but you have to increase your connections for work? IPWS asked our members on their ‘tried & true’ networking techniques and after reading the following tips, you’ll be prepared to meet new friends and colleagues. Remember Names The […]

7 Tips on Successful Networking

IPWS Summit (320 of 320)
International Professional Women’s Society (IPWS) provides platforms for dynamic women to connect, build networks, foster personal growth and develop professionally. IPWS Board Members make a difference by working towards our vision of connecting professional women and being an influential community in Shanghai and globally, based on our key values – […]

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Last Wednesday, IPWS hosted ‘Becoming an Entrepreneur in Shanghai: The Good, Bad & Ugly’, an event where several established entrepreneurs ran round table discussions, speaking about their journey and brainstorming with our members. We asked several of the attendees to share their main takeaways from the event and by sharing […]

Becoming an Entrepreneur: Your Thoughts

IPWS has a unique partnership with Lean In China for we both aim to empower women through our communities and offer personal & professional development opportunities in various ways. It’s our great pleasure to announce their first nationwide survey results are out in a new White Paper from Lean In China, available […]

Announcing Lean In China’s New White Paper

IPWS at POP September 2016
We can’t live without being digitally connected in Shanghai and without a doubt it’s such a beautiful city for taking photos at stunning venues to share with friends. IPWS aims to provide many different platforms to connect, build networks, while fostering personal and professional growth and throughout 2016 we’ve expanded our […]

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  Tomorrow, IPWS hosts a roundtable discussion with 9 established entrepreneurs of Shanghai… called ‘Becoming an Entrepreneur in Shanghai: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly‘ and to get in the mood, we’ve asked two of the guest speakers for THREE tips on becoming an entrepreneur in Shanghai…   Camden Hauge […]

Top 3 Tips on Entrepreneuring in Shanghai

IPWS helped celebrate the 6th Annual Chi Fan for Charity on Saturday! A big congratulations to all the volunteers & organisers & restaurants who made the event a unique dining & fundraising experience for all! We sponsored two tables, inviting a range of high profile and well connected (while supporting IPWS) professional […]

Dining with Chi Fan For Charity

IPWS at POP September 2016
Are you looking for some personal career advice? Or maybe you’re getting ready to launch your own business? There’s something for everyone in November! Be sure to check out our entire calendar and if you feel like giving back to our IPWS community of professional women, it’s not too late […]

What’s Coming Up in November for IPWS